Mother-daughter duo who love to create.

Hi everyone! We are the designers, Giannii Kurtz and Sandra Ploszaj.

We originated as two separate entities. Giannii started off as “Jewels by Gii” in 2010. Sandra hopped on the bandwagon shortly thereafter and was known as “Organic Jewels”. We decided to come together in 2014 and create one brand that offers a variety of products for different age and price ranges. Together we are officially known as Tilted Arrow LLC.

Sandra Ploszaj
A woman of all trades. A mother of two, yoga instructor, seamstress, bead enthusiast, and cosmetologist. Graduated from NAU with a Bachelors in Merchandising.

Giannii Kurtz
University of Arizona and Pi Beta Phi alumni. Lived on both coasts from LA to NYC, but currently in sunny AZ.