Festival Schedule*

*Information subject to change

Please note: all tickets are non-refundable.

Thursday, October 6

4:00p-7:00p Geshe Michael Roach
Class: Talk on the Yoga Sutras (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2 & 3

7:30p-9:30p Steve Ross
Class: Kirtan (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2 & 3

Friday, October 7

7:00-8:30 Brady Garrison
Class: Supple Spine Yin Yoga (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

7:00-8:30 Kate Makaroff
Class: Sweet Sunrise Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

7:00-8:30 Mark Salustro
Class: Morning Meditation (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

9:00-11:30 Steven Sorr
Class: Prevention and Treatment of Yoga Related Injuries (Learn More)
Room: Grove

9:00-10:30 Steve Ross
Class: Happy Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

9:00-10:30 Thomas Zitzka
Class: Bhakti Flow (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

9:00-10:30 Rosa Rendon
Class: Intelligent Sequencing – The Fundamentals of Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

9:00-10:30 Donna Schnoor
Class: The Ground Floor – Strengthening the Pelvic Floor (for women) (Learn More)
Room: Patina

9:00-10:30 Anna Bulow
Class: Carve (Learn More)
Room: Pima

11:00-12:30 Tymi Howard & DJ Taz Rashid
Class: Warrior Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

11:00-12:30 Kim Ewan & Jamie Pratte
Class: Sumits Yoga 101 and Fun (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

11:00-12:30 Patricia Vamos
Class: Heart & Hip Opening Flow Practice (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

11:00-12:30 Lorilee Gilmore
Class: Ayurvedic Kitchen Pharmacy: Use your spice cabinet for health and vitality (Learn More)
Room: Grove

11:00-12:30 Nicole Vigna
Class: The Yoga of Lady Niguma: Transform Your Chakras; Transform Your World (Learn More)
Room: Patina

12:30-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-3:30 Johanna Epps
Class: Flow Nidra (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

2:00-3:30 KC Miller
Class: Yo-Touch– Beyond Savasna (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

2:00-3:30 Cheryl Oliver
Class: Vedic Chant for Healing (Learn More)
Room: Patina

2:00-4:00 Beri Golding
Yoga Adjustments/Partner Workshop (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

2:00-3:30 Lisa Cohen
Master-Ful Flow Sequencing (Learn More)
Room: Pima

4:00-5:30 Steve Ross
Class: Ecstatic Breathing (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

4:00-5:30 Andrea Griego
Class: Bikram (Learn More)
Room: Patina

4:00-5:30 Kat Myers
Class: Foot Fitness Party! (Learn More)
Room: Pima

4:00-5:30 Mary Clare Sweet
Class: SOUL TRAIN (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

4:00-5:30 Gordon Ogden & Kate Swarm
Class: Shine Brighter (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

4:00-5:30 Lisa Lipp
Class: Gong: The Sound Healing Way (Learn More)
Room: Grove

6:00-7:30 Jenn Chiarelli ft. Lisa Lipp on Gongs & DJ Taz
Class: Peace In. Peace Out. Sunset Flow (Learn More)
Room: Pool

6:00-7:30 Hamid Jabbar & Tara Martell
Class: Sound Healing Restorative (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

6:00-8:00 Carrie Hensley
Class: Yoga for Addiction (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

6:00-7:30 Kim Balzan
Class: Crystal Bowls with Nidra (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

7:45-9:30 Michele Dante & Michael Kolasa
Class: Evening of Chanting (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

Saturday, October 8

7:00-8:30 Katherine Tina
Class: Sun & Moon Salutations (Learn More)
Room: Grove

7:00-8:30 Kate Makaroff
Class: Dhristi at Dawn (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

7:00-8:30 Tish Hegel
Class: Astanga (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

9:00-10:30 Bizzie Gold
Class: Chakras to cultivate confidence (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

9:00-10:30 Mary Bruce
Class: Here Comes the Sun (Learn More)
Room: Grove

9:00-10:30 Lisa Cohen
Class: Astanga Mix & Stories of Guruji (Learn More)
Room: Patina

9:00-10:30 Kate Swarm
Class: Honey Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

9:00-10:30 Nicole Deacon & Andrea Griego
Class: What is Bikram all About? (Learn More)
Room: Pima

11:00-1:00 Jeff Martens
Class: Fear to Clear (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

11:00-12:30 Jenn Chiarelli
Class: Chakra Flow and Guided Meditation (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

11:00-12:30 Lorilee Gilmore
Class: Dinachary for your Body and Mind (Learn More)
Room: Patina

11:00-12:30 Patrick Reiner & Emma Kitnick
Class: Intro to Acro (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

11:00-12:30 Herman Petrick
Class: Gain insights to you, your emotions and your unique energy (Learn More)
Room: Pima

11:00-1:00 Nicole Ballantyne
Class: Soul Vibration (Learn More)
Room: Grove

12:30-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-3:30 Kimberly Kingsley
Class: Free Love: The Modern Hippie’s Guide to Relationships (Learn More)
Room: Pima

2:00-4:00 Tirzah Shiya
Class: Tantra Yoga Workshop (Learn More)
Room: Patina

2:00-4:00 Cheryl Oliver
Class: Peace Chants (Learn More)

2:00-3:30 Donny Starkins & DJ Taz
Class: Feel the Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

2:00-4:00 Anton Mackey
Class: Anatomy of Inversions & Arm Balances (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

2:00-4:00 Beri Golding & Penny McAlpin
Class: Thai Yoga Stretch (no partner necessary) (Learn More)
Room: Grove

4:00-5:30 Jamie Finnan
Class: Transitional Flow (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

4:00-6:00 Michele Dante
Practicing Death; Relax and Remember (Learn More)
Room: Pima

4:00-5:30 Steve Ross
Class: Chakra Meditation (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

4:00-5:30 Tymi Howard & DJ Taz Rashid
Class: Warrior Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

4:00-5:30 Donna Delahanty
Class: Third Eye Blindfold Readings (Learn More)
Room: Patina

4:00-6:00 Robert Sturman
Class: Yoga Photography (Learn More)
Room: Grove

6:00-7:30 Ronee Kipnes
Class: Mudra Mantra and Meditation with Sonic Sound Savanna! (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

6:00-7:30 Patricia Vamos, Samantha Lang & Jay Allan
Class: The Village Yoga Jam (Learn More)
Room: Pool

Sunday, October 9

7:00-8:30 Brooke Boon
Class: Soulful Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

7:00-8:30 Suzanne Zupancic
Class: Aroma Yin (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

7:00-8:30 Fawn Cheng
Class: Meditation and Dharma Talk (Learn More)
Room: Grove

9:00-10:30 Geraldine Gyger
Class: Free the Hamstrings (Learn More)
Room: Grove

9:00-10:30 Steve Ross
Class: Yin (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

9:00-10:30 Carrie Hensley
Class: REWIND Gold Yoga (Learn More)
Room: Pima

9:00-10:30 Danielle Fazio & Abby Chan
Class: Run to Your Mat! (Running for Yogis + Yoga for Runners) (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

9:00-11:00 Angie Hall
Class: The Essence of India: Sattva Vinyasa Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

10:00-11:30 Donny Starkins & Anton Mackey
Class: Sunday Yoga Service (Learn More)
Room: Pool

11:00-12:30 Beau Ash
Class: Yin (Learn More)
Room: Grove

11:00-12:30 Laurene Hayden
Class: 9-Phase Ayurvedic Pranayama Practice for Total Mind-Body Health (Learn More)
Room: Pima

11:00-12:30 Teri Unreiner
Class: Trauma Sensitive Yoga (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

11:00-12:30 DJ Taz Rashid
Class: My Best Playlist (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

11:00-12:30 Patrick Reiner & Emma Kitnick
Class: Intro to Acro (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

12:30-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-4:00 Nicole Ballantyne
Class: High Vibe Manifesting (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

2:00-3:30 Mari Chen
Class: Yoga and Scientific Research (Learn More)
Room: Pima

2:00-4:00 Will Zecco
Class: Nirvana Breathing Fitness: Conscious Breathing – Moving Meditation (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

2:00-3:30 Tirzah Shiya
Class: Tantra Yoga (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

2:00-3:30 Jeff Martens
Class: Core Stress Release (Learn More)
Room: Grove

2:00-3:30 Laura Rankel
Class: Restorative Nidra (Learn More)
Room: Patina

4:00-5:30 Mary Bruce
Class: Calling down the Moon (Learn More)
Room: Savvy

4:00-5:30 Samantha Lang
Class: Yoga Poetry (Learn More)
Room: Patina

4:00-5:30 Donna Schnoor
Class: Chakra Based Yin Nidra (Learn More)
Room: Pima

4:00-5:30 Tymi Howard & DJ Taz Rashid
Class: Warrior Flow (Learn More)
Room: Camby 3

4:00-5:30 Jeff Martens
Class: Your Life’s work: Dharma, Dhyana and the Yoga Sutra (Learn More)
Room: Grove

4:00-6:00 Robert Sturman
Class: Yoga Photography (Learn More)
Room: Camby 2

6:00-7:30 Sumit Banerjee
Room: Camby 2 & 3

Class Descriptions

Talk on the Yoga Sutras with Geshe Michael Roach

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a classic Sanskrit treatise consisting of 195 “threads,” or aphorisms, describing the process of liberation through yoga. Geshe Michael Roach, one of the most respected teachers of Tibetan Buddhism in America and a renowned scholar of Sanskrit, provides authoritative commentary on each of the sutras.

Kirtan with Steve Ross

Join Steve Ross, Mark Gorman, and Dave Allen for a heart opening session of live music and chanting. Fill the studio with bliss as Steve leads you through call and response chants. Join in and sing or just sit back and enjoy. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a cushion to sit on.

Happy Yoga with Steve Ross

A music filled, fun, fluid flow class. A chance to let go of your
 preconceived notions of precision and simply enjoy the bliss of yoga. 
No alignment. No demonstrations. A unique opportunity for you to
 take a yoga class that selfishly focuses on one thing: Being Happy.

Ecstatic Breathing with Steve Ross

Treat yourself to a mind expanding experience. Let Steve help you access non-ordinary deep states of consciousness and breathe yourself into ecstasy. Ecstatic Breathwork uses a combination of accelerated breathing and music to achieve a deep state of meditation and relaxation. It is used as an alternative therapeutic approach in the treatment of stress and anxiety, addiction, trauma recovery and depression, among other things. It is also used to help deepen spirituality and the mystical experience. Please join us with an empty stomach and an open mind. Those with high blood pressure, previous heart attacks, seizure disorders and pregnant women should not practice this type of breathing without their doctor’s consent.

Guided Meditation with Steve Ross

The ultimate goal of meditation is to discover who one is. This may be called self realization. As you keep practicing meditation, you will get a lot of happiness and bliss. Join Steve for a guided meditation where you will experience all kinds of happiness.
 The ultimate goal of meditation is to discover who one is.
 This may be called Self-Realization. As you keep practicing 
meditation, you will get a lot of happiness and bliss. The kind of happiness you get in meditation does not exist anywhere
on this Earth. All kinds of happiness that you experience
 outside are nothing to the happiness you get when you 

Yin Yoga with Steve Ross

Increase your flexibility and lessen your chance of injury. During
this Yin Yoga class, Steve Ross will lead you through a series of
floor poses that will open up tight muscles and channel energy 
through your meridians. Ends with meditation and a nice long savasana.

What is Bikram all About? with Nicole Deacon & Andrea Griego

Have you been curious about Bikram Yoga but always felt a little intimidated? We know how you feel! Please join us for an informational clinic in a non-heated room where we will break down the poses and happily answer any questions you have. We will move a little and talk a lot. Come see why Bikram is such a beneficial practice!

Sweet Sunrise Flow with Kate Makaroff

This is an all levels, breath, based flow class. In this class we will explore our breath as the key to unlocking our bodies potential. Maintaining a steady Rhythmic breathing is the single most important element of yoga practice. This workshop is designed to gently and courageously open the mind and body through connection to our breath. Expanding our consciousness, and having the courage to choose our breath when there are so many other things to choose. In this workshop breath will be queued the entire time.

Dhristi at Dawn with Kate Makaroff

All levels flow class. Steady your gaze. In this workshop we will work on setting our physical eyes on a specific physical point in the environment around us. From the beginning to completion of each pose we will work with relaxing our eyes, and setting them on a fixed point. Through Dhristi we will train our senses to be used for one aim. The powerful tapas (heat) generated by Dhristi will burn away hesitancy, fear, and resistance, clearing your internal landscape of limiting views, and giving you access to full self expression.

Gong: The Sound Healing Way with Lisa Lipp

Gongster’s Sound treatment is a personal journey that touches the delicate Strings of our soul. It awakens spanless creative powers in us; changes us, our lives and the lives of people around us. When we are in harmony, our health returns, our light shines, we become centered, and awake. Raising our consciousness here on earth and dimensions beyond. Gongster IS NOT about Kundalini Gong because we DO NOT play to a “physical” yoga practice and there is no crashing or banging. This is a Sound Healing Session.

Prevention and Treatment of Yoga Related Injuries with Steven Sorr

Discover how alignment tips and modifications can radically change the results of your practice. Imagine what your practice would be like if you had no wrist or shoulder pain in chaturanga, no more back pain in forward folds or back bends, and finding the correct triangle, pigeon or warrior for those with knee pain. Knowledge of anatomy and movement are crucial to unlocking your true strength, flexibility and balance. This workshop is for all levels of practitioners, especially if you have an injury.

Feel the Flow with Donny Starkins & DJ Taz

Let’s turn up the music, tune out of the busy mind and tune into your breath. In this all-levels, fun flowing Vinyasa Flow, we will tap into that connection between the breath and the body. Find your flow by surrendering the mind to the breath. Feel the flow, feel the beats and find yourself anchored right in the middle of a moving meditation!

Bhakti Flow with Thomas Zitzka

Branded by Rusty Wells, Bhakti Flow is a fusion of Ashtanga and Bikram. Deep rhythmic breathing in conjunction with movement is emphasized. Class opens with a breathing exercise, and each student is encouraged to dedicate the practice to a loved one.

Intelligent Sequencing – The Fundamentals of Flow with Rosa Rendon

This workshop, open to all levels and styles, is equally effective for teachers and students. We’ll focus on the importance of learning a safe vinyasa practice. While celebrating the massive rise of Vinyasa yoga’s popularity, Rosa has recognized that more education is needed around Vinyasa yoga to help people reach their goals safely. The workshop will include critical lessons on basic spinal anatomy as well as safe sequencing. Warm, inviting and rich instruction, married with the authentic practice and knowledge of Rosa Rendón – this course will profoundly change your practice or your teaching.

The Ground Floor – Strengthening the Pelvic Floor (for women) with Donna Schnoor

A women’s only workshop exploring techniques and exercises to identify and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
* A 5 page handout detailing the techniques & exercises we address will be give to each participant for home reference.

Chakra Based Yin Nidra with Donna Schnoor
A great way to end the day and close the festival weekend with an introspective Yin class. This class will focus on increasing the flow of Prana (life force) through longer held Yin poses to release blocked energy needed to awaken the Chakras (energy centers) within our bodies. Yin Yoga works at stretching and toning the deeper connective tissues and fascia within the body for greater flexibility, and allowing a more intimate connection with emotions, feelings, and sensations that arise during practice. Connecting Yin postures with a deeper understanding of the subtle energy system gives us the opportunity to recalibrate the energies of the Chakras. A Nidra journey through the Chakra fields will complete this Restorative Yin/Chakra class. Live music with Crystal Singing Bowls by Lisa Bozeman. Please bring your mat and any props you will need for comfort.

Warrior Flow with Tymi Howard & DJ Taz Rashid

Open up to the heart of your practice. Learn how to intelligently and efficiently open the shoulders, chest, heart and hips to experience the power of opening up the front line of the body and Anahata Chakra. As our hearts open they literally become “unstruck” and we are able to experience the flow and grace of life as pure bliss. This vinyasa based practice will include a flowing standing sequence, hips /quad/ psoas release and then move into shoulder and heart openers. A loving and joyful prayer of flowing grace set to the sweet beats provided by DJ Taz.

Sumits Yoga 101 and Fun with Kim Ewan & Jamie Pratte

Join this dynamic duo as they share their love for Sumits Yoga. If you’ve never tried it or have always been curious, this is the perfect place to sample the practice. Our class is a combination of flowing movement and standing poses, finishing with spine strengthening and hip openers. As an added bonus, it’s impossible to take class from these two without smiling 🙂

Heart & Hip Opening Flow Practice with Patricia Vamos

Join Patricia for a dynamic yoga sequence of heart and hip openers that flows unimpeded and allows you to integrate conscious breath with fluid motion. The poses are held briefly and the art of smooth transitioning is emphasized. A short breathing meditation opens the sequence to ground you into the core and promote the flow to your heart. The beautifully balanced sequence will pulsate from foreword to back bends; from hip and IT band openers to adductor lengthening; from external rotation to internal rotation; from weight shifting to plane switching in an attempt to enhance the balance of effort and surrender. The coherent pose-counter-pose design, coupled with useful breathing tools teaches you to receive and accept equally. In closing the practice, a brief meditation circles you back into your pool of abundance and availability, paving your way to loving-kindness and grace. All levels are welcome!

Ayurvedic Kitchen Pharmacy: Use your spice cabinet for health and vitality with Lorilee Gilmore

In this class we will learn the medicinal properties of spices and herbs that can prevent and heal ailments ranging from physical pain to indigestion and itching to headaches.

Dinachary for your Body and Mind with Lorilee Gilmore

The tradition of daily routine is one of the single most powerful Ayurvedic tools for improving overall health and well-being.

 Come learn some easy to implement Ayurvedic daily habits that will bring flow and vitality to your life. In this class we will look at daily routines for the different times of day, seasons and times of life.

Fear to Clear(tm) with Jeff Martens

Your brain and body is made to transform fear into courage! In this evolutionary introduction to the Fear to Clear process you will learn the science and spirituality that makes it possible to live up to your fullest unimagined potential. Using yoga postures, dramatic play and some good old scary fun you will learn what it means to face your greatest fears in your life – and then discover and transforming what you were truly most afraid of all along!

Core Stress Release with Jeff Martens

What would Patanjali think about current approaches to yoga therapy? Physical postures and somatic yogic techniques are only 1/2 of the process… Any therapeutic intervention that does not address self-concept might pull at the weed of suffering but leaves the root intact. In this healing experiential workshop you will learn about the body’s three brains and how to initiate neurogenic tremors to release past stress, trauma, anxiety and fears. Includes asana, pranayama, meditation, yogic anatomy and alignment and one of the most relaxing savasanas of your life.

Your Life’s Work: Dharma, Dhyana and The Yoga Sutra with Jeff Martens

Of the two types of Dharma mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita it is your sva-dharma that is unique. Nobody else cares about the things you care about or is inspired in the exact way that you are inspired. Your unique talents, gifts and abilities are the gateway to the highest path of dharma or sat-dharma that is shared by all. Find out what great spiritual texts like the Bhagavad Gita, Tao Teh Ching and yoga sutra have to say about your life’s work and how to find it – or how to help it find you!

Chakra Flow and Guided Meditation with Jenn Chiarelli

Join Jenn on an exploration through the chakra system. First be lead through an intelligent flow class to activate your energy centers. Next a guided meditation through the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each chakra will leave you feeling balanced, peaceful and transformed.

Anatomy of Arm Balances & Inversions with Anton Mackey

A playful and knowledgeable workshop that brings anatomical awareness and alignment principles to arm balances and inversions. Students will learn proper alignment, body mechanics, leverage, strength and balance to make arm balances and inversions seem simple! Learn to use the core and bandhas to create lightness and lift in several different arm balances and inversions. Understanding the movements and alignment of the major joints of the body help create a stronger foundation for arm balances and inversions while giving students more confidence to float and fly!

Intro to Acro Yoga with Patrick Reiner and Emma Kitnick

Join Patrick and Emma from AcroBody for an introduction to Acro Yoga. 
Acro Yoga is a blending of yoga, acrobatics, and thai massage. This workshop will focus on the basics of partner yoga and give you the skills to feel strong and supported in acrobatic flying. Acrobatic yoga cultivates trust, connection and playfulness and is a whole TON OF FUN! 
No experience necessary – No partner needed! 
Come spin your world upside down.

Yo-Touch– Beyond Savasna with KC Miller

Savasana gives the nervous system a chance to integrate the wisdom from an asana practice. An intelligent, well-resourced yoga teacher can furnish the nervous system with a host of additional neuromuscular information by applying finger pressure to various meridians and strategic pressure points in the body, which helps to create physical and emotional healing. Learn Yo-Touch — simple, yet highly effective points to deeply ‘touch’ those on the mat before you. These tools will also help you to position yourself for one-on-one yoga sessions.

Vedic Chant for Healing with Cheryl Oliver

The vibrations produced by vedic chant have the potential to alter our physiological state, and thereby improve physical and mental health. In addition to the intellectual benefits (improved awareness, concentration and memory) chanting can calm us or energize us, it can help balance our energy, increase breath capacity, and support overall well-being.

Peace Chants with Cheryl Oliver

Chants for Peace – śānti pāda
Peace chants (śānti pāda) are a very special type of Vedic chant! Join your voice with others as we chant for peace in ourselves and in the world.

Yoga Adjustments/Partner Yoga Workshop with Beri Golding

This workshop is for both yoga students and teachers. We will have a brief warm up and then explore the principles of giving insightful, safe and transformational yoga posture assists. Understanding the value of non-verbal communication and the powerful voice of touch is a profound way to deepen your practice. We will also journey to explore the more playful side of yoga adjustments introducing some fun partner yoga variations. Learn to deepen not only your practice but also your connection with others. No previous experience or partner necessary; we will pair up and all work together!

Master-Ful Flow Sequencing with Lisa Cohen

Lisa has more than four decades of creative dance and choreography and three decades of Practice on the yoga mat. Her approach to movement and sequencing is unlike anyone else. She weaves in many styles of yoga practices and an eclectic blend of creative combinations that make sense in the body. Lisa is colorful, dynamic and full of humor and joy. Join her and explore the new ways of teaching and practicing.

Astanga Mix & Stories of Guruji
Lisa will bring her unique and crazy humor and stories of Guruji to Astanga Primary Series. We will do traditional “Yoga Chakitsa” and sprinkle the Practice with Patthabi stories, Power, Pranayama. Primary series is an invitation for every BODY to practice yoga. There will be a short time for Q & A and chanting.

Thai Yoga Stretch (no partner necessary) with Beri Golding & Penny McAlpin

Thai Yoga Stretch integrates elements of eastern medicine, western athletic stretching and yoga influenced restorative stretching. Thai Yoga Massage often referred to as “lazy man’s yoga” is an ancient healing art and serves the source of inspiration for Thai Yoga Stretch. Both energizing and relaxing, Thai Yoga Stretch focuses on balancing the flow of energy in the body. It is a dynamic practice incorporating the acupressure, energy line work, myofascial release techniques and assisted stretching. Join us in this learn by experiencing (watching, feeling, and doing) workshop with Beri Golding and Penny McAlpin. Wear loose comfortable clothing, no experience necessary. We will pair up and work together in this fun workshop!

Bikram with Andrea Griego

Join the valley’s most senior Bikram yoga teacher and the previous owner of the Bikram Yoga Institute for 13 years, Andrea Griego, for an eye-opening yoga Class focusing on alignment, injury prevention, and inspirational words. As a life-long athlete, massage therapist, and yoga teacher to professional baseball athletes, Andrea is committed to helping people sustain a lifetime of yoga without injury. Regardless of what kind of yoga you practice, this class will help you either heal or maintain your yoga practice.

Shine Brighter with Gordon Ogden & Kate Swarm

We all have unique and special qualities that are our gifts to the world. How can we capture this inner light and use it to fuel our lives? In this talk Gordon Ogden and Kate Swarm will share their thoughts and tips on blending passion with social media, branding and marketing, within yoga.

Peace In. Peace Out. Sunset Flow with Jenn Chiarelli, DJ Taz and Gongster Lisa Lipp

Peace starts within. In this peaceful flow, Jenn will guide you inside to find peace and then allow you to shine that peace out into the world. Join Jenn, poolside in harmony with DJ Taz and a long savasana with Gongs by Lisa Lipp all outside with the epic Arizona sunset.

Yoga for Addiction with Carrie Hensley

Learn to use the ancient wisdom of Pantanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga to sift through the negative habit patterns of addiction, limiting beliefs and stuck emotions. Through asana (posture), pranayama (breath), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) and dharana (concentration), begin to step on the path towards healing, recovery and freedom to reclaim your intrinsic worth. It is in this space of self-acceptance and love that you Source the unique gifts that you bring into this lifetime. You live a more authentic and purpose driven life and are more adept at helping to heal the world. Please bring a journal.

REWIND Gold Yoga with Carrie Hensley

REWIND Gold is an evidence-based yoga program designed by YMEDICA for the particular needs of boomers and seniors. REWIND Gold incorporates specific yoga poses and adaptations, breathing practices and mindfulness techniques that have been shown to help improve functional fitness and balance, reduce stress, alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions and promote healthy body awareness.

Sound Healing Restorative with Hamid Jabbar & Tara Martell

Through use of relaxing postures, restorative yoga reactivates the body’s natural rest system, restoring the body to health and the mind to a state of calm. Students will linger in comfortable floor poses while exploring breath, alignment, meditation, and visualization. Sound healing instruments are played throughout, helping to open energy channels and guide students into deeper states of relaxation. Hamid utilizes a set of quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hertz, the Earth frequencies. The tones correspond to various energy centers in the subtle body (Chakra) and help unlock stuck energy residing in these areas. In addition, various flutes are played and mantra are chanted to invoke peace. The class ends with a gong bath from the large symphonic gong, tuned to A (432 hertz). Students may bring props such as bolsters and blankets to help create comfortable poses.

Crystal Bowls and Nidra with Kim Balzan

Come and join me for an amazing Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath experience! Restore and rejuvenate your body. Experience the powerful healing vibrations of the many alchemy crystal bowls…lay down, relax and let your body have a profound experience.

Evening of Chanting with Michele Danta & Michael Kolasa

Please join Michele and Michael, Dante-Kolasa on a journey into sound and music that can transform the way you experience body, mind and spirit. Come celebrate as we raise our voices together for an evening of heart lifting and deeply integrative devotional chanting!

Sun & Moon Salutations with Katherine Tina

“We live by the sun, we feel by the moon.” Katherine will guide you through a physical sequence of sun and moon salutations; showing gratitude to the sun and moon for rising and falling for us everyday. She will also incorporate other various yoga poses, all while using her heart intuition and a healing touch.

Transitional Flow with Jamie Finnan

We will focus on the beauty between the postures as we focus on transitions through a power vinyasa practice. To create a more mindful practice, we gracefully transition from one posture to the next, linking breath to movement. You will build tapas throughout your practice as we expand the possibility of focusing on the movement from one posture to the next. This Power Vinyasa class will leave you invigorated and open your mind to the limitless possibilities of a flow class. All Levels Welcome.

Soul Vibration with Nicole Ballantyne

Expand your consciousness to a Higher level with an open discussion on Soul vs ego and integrate it in the physical body with a vinyasa yoga class to follow! Beginners encouraged! Please bring mat, journal and pen.

High Vibe Manifesting with Nicole Ballantyne

Learn a strategic approach to manifesting from your Highest Self! Nothing is off limits. You can truly have anything you desire this lifetime…. No mat needed. Please bring journal, pen and meditation pillow (optional).

Supple Spine Yin Yoga with Brady Garrison

Join Brady for this special Yin Yoga class designed to target the connective tissue that affects spine health. During this class, your spine will be taken through all 6 directions of movement. We will end with a Savasana featuring live music by Brady. Make plans to attend this very special event.

Astanga with Tish Hegel

Astanga yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. Tish will move you through the full Astanga Primary series, beginning with eight sun salutations. Not appropriate for beginners; level two and up.

Chakras to cultivate confidence with Bizzie Gold

Learn how your to make your chakras work for you in this confidence building workshop!

Here Comes the Sun with Mary Bruce

Link to Prana and become more YOU! Prana is the life force contained within the breath. It enhances your vitality and emboldens your purpose. Practice will be sequenced to bring this solar energy to the forefront of your existence. Backbends and Laterals will expand you from the inside out to experience this level of thriving not only on your mat but as a vehicle to create and live the life you desire. A transformative vinyasa practice dedicated to the techniques of ParaYoga. Dynamic movement, longer holds, all level postures, as well as band and mudra prepare us for deeper pranayama and meditation techniques to awaken the supreme power of subtle forces.

Calling Down the Moon with Mary Bruce

Tune in to the rhythm of Nature and soothe your soul with this guided practice to fill your cup to the brim so that you may give from the saucer. We will focus on the lunar qualities of forward bends and twists to fully support ourselves in order to unwind, detangle and take good exquisite care of this human vehicle of living light. We will culminate with a few yin/restorative yoga poses, pranayama, nidra and meditation to creative a lavish experience for You.

Honey Flow with Kate Swarm

Join the hive and flow like honey for a Slow Flow Vinyasa class, dedicated to a transcendent and integrated experience, with the goal of moving out of the thinking mind and into the feeling body. Sultry rhythms will create the ultimate union between mind, body, breath, and soul. Yummy tunes will get your body buzzing with good vibes. The vibrations will be high, and the swarm will be elevated.

Practicing Death; Relax and Remember with Michele Dante

Practicing Death; Remembering who we are
Oh that word…just speaking or writing the word death can ignite fear in the hearts of most of us. Yet, it is something that every one of us will experience! Stay with me now…Yoga teaches us that the fear of death is something that has to be faced with openness and presence while we are still alive! So how does this all work together in a workshop? Through the practice of yoga, we begin to loosen the grip – recognizing that we’ve forgotten who we are and life’s purpose is not about being a parent, a teacher or an accountant but to remember this. We are offered ‘practice’ through life’s experiences, preparing us over and over again to wake up! What a gift! Meditation becomes an essential part of our lives to find peace with every day ‘deaths’ as well as the ‘big one.’ Join this rich discussion of Yoga Sutras Chapter 2 v.3-9, and/or the klesas. The klesas are obstacles or afflictions of the mind that keep us from remembering who we are –
Ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and fear of death. Participants will be offered the opportunity to Relax and Remember, to find deep comfort and intimacy with this subject as Michele will guide you through Meditation, discussion, some chanting and Yin/Restorative Yoga.

Free Love: The Modern Hippie’s Guide to Relationships with Kimberly Kingsley

We yogis like our freedom. But we also like love! In this conversational workshop, we’ll examine the 5 steps to loving without attachment. It is possible to love with your whole heart and still feel free!

Tantra Workshop with Tirzah Shiya

This workshop will include Tantric fundamentals, Heart Opening Techniques, Chakra Awareness, Spiritual Development, Partner Interaction (non sexual). Understand the higher purpose of sexual life in relation to spiritual awakening. “Tantra is not the narrow path of the ascetic, nor the path of undisciplined indulgence. It is a pathway of heightened experience and intensified awareness, arising from the intelligent understanding and acceptance of our human nature.” Singles and couples welcome.

Tantra Yoga with Tirzah Shiya

This uplifting class emphasizes organic alignment, breath awareness, energy sublimation, and pure love! With longer held postures, Tantra yoga is designed to substantially raise vibrations while consciously connecting mind, body and spirit. With heaps of physical benefits, this mindful practice will also bring balance emotionally, mentally and energetically; creating overall wellness and inner peace! All levels welcome!

Yoga Photography with Robert Sturman

A dedicated yoga practitioner, photographer Robert Sturman has increasingly focused on capturing the timeless grace and embodied mindfulness of asana in his work. Robert will share his expertise so that you can learn to photograph your best postures like a pro.

Mudra Mantra and Meditation with Sonic Sound Savasana! with Ronee Kipnes

Yoga is a spiritual practice designed to integrate mind body and spirit, creating peace and balance within. This experiential workshop will balance the glandular and nervous systems, and creating “feel good” hormones through use of Mudra (Hand Locks), Mantra (Chanting), Pranayama (Conscious Breathing), and Meditation, we will journey back to the divine within. The YOU inside You! Release and relax with the healing sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Gong.

Sonic Sound Journey 1 hour (Would be great if this could be the last event on Saturday evening…)
 Experience pure bliss and a deep release and relaxation. Allow the sounds and vibrations of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Gong to balance and restore you to a natural state of self-healing at the cellular level.

The Village Yoga Jam with Patricia Vamos, Samantha Lang & Jay Allan

Please join yoga instructors Patricia Vamos & Samantha Lang with musician Jay Allan for a fun, uplifting Flow class set to live music. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to flow to live tunes from one of the Valley’s most beloved entertainers and frontman of Jay Allan & The Uncommon Good. Samantha has led this highly attended class format over the past several years at the DC Ranch and Gainey Village Health Clubs, McDowell Mountain Golf Club, and Lululemon SQ. We are excited to share it with our broader yoga community at the NamasteAZ Yoga Festival.

Soulful Flow with Brooke Boon

A soulful, deep and grounding flow practice committed to holding a space for Divine presence and direction.

Aroma Yin with Suzanne Zupancic

Come Restore Your SELF through AROMA YIN: combining Yin Yoga and the power of essential oils.

We will explore the five-element theory as it relates to the 5 pairs of meridians that run up the front of the body and down the back. Gently moving through poses to support the yin/yang relationship of the organs and how each behaves on an energetic level. Pairing the asana with essential oils that support normal organ function for the specific element.

The first pair is that of Fire: the heart & small intestine. The second is Water: the kidneys & bladder, the third is Wood: liver & gallbladder, the fourth Metal: lungs & large intestine, and finally Earth: the spleen & stomach. We will move through a series of asana with essential oils to enhance the fundamental function of chi (energy) in the body through each of the five areas. Enriching the strength and fluidity of healthy chi by slowing down and surrendering to our experience to restore the SELF.

Meditation and Dharma Talk with Fawn Cheng

Begin your morning with the gratitude and loving awareness that stimulates creative flow.

Free the Hamstrings with Geraldine Gyger

Starting class with pranayamas and mudras, flowing into some asanas and then focusing deeper into the hamstrings. We will partner up to go deeper and let go into the inner flow.

The Essence of India: Sattva Vinyasa Flow with Angie Hall

Sattva means whole. The practice of Sattva Yoga is a beautiful comprehensive approach to explore the ancient teachings in a fierce, modern way. The practice will take you thru an inclusive practice of meditation, kriya, asana movement, pranayama, and will leave you feeling radically alive. This will be unlike any class you’ve ever experienced. It will be a journey, an exploration, and a powerful expansion. If you heart whispers “yes” this is the class for you.

Sunday Yoga Service with Donny Starkins & Anton Mackey

How are you showing up? How are you being called to serve? Are you stepping up to that calling? Join Anton and Donny for 75 minute all-levels Vinyasa Flow with a theme of “service.” Yoga gives us so much. So many gifts, so many spiritual tools, so much healing. So, how dare we not share it with the world? This class is sure to inspire you, remind you why we practice yoga, and nudge you into stepping up and being of service for others. The only way we keep the gift is if we give it away!

Yin with Beau Ash

Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.

9-Phase Ayurvedic Pranayama Practice for Total Mind-Body Health with Laurene Hayden

In this practical workshop, with its roots deep in Ayurvedic science, we will practice 9 different breathing (pranayama) techniques that, when practiced together in a specific format, are balancing to all 3 doshas and offer remarkable promotion and support for: cardio-pulmonary function, immune strength, hormone balance, digestive health, brain power and mental & physical energy. (Contraindications for this class are high blood pressure, heart palpitations, cardiac complications or recent surgery, and pregnancy.)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Teri Unreiner

This Trauma Sensitive Yoga class will have info concerning trauma, contraindications, and yes and no’s for setting up a class. Teri will lead us through an hour hatha yoga slow flow practice with how she uses positive affirmations and some intentional restoration ( nidra like) at the end. Bring a mat, a small writing pad and pen, any eye pillows you might want to use in the extended savasana portion and any props that you find useful. You will find yourself feeling relaxed, energized, and restored.

My Best Playlist with DJ Taz Rashid

Join DJ Taz Rashid for a workshop on how to build a yoga music playlist. Learn how to breakdown your classes in a simple way, and easily build your favorite music into any practice whether it’s a high intensity vinyasa, or a mellow yin, restorative class or to your personalized yoga style.

DJ Taz will show you how to hone your instinctive listening and intuitive teaching skills to “mix beats” and make smooth transitions throughout your classes. Taking the time to focus on developing the role of music in your yoga classes allows you to feel more confident about how music is enhancing your teaching, while you can expand and use your music library more efficiently.

Any teacher can build her unique sound with compelling music that enhances the practice, inevitably attracting a larger student following. Highly recommended for teachers but anyone can attend.

Type: Mostly Lecture & Some Asana
What to bring: Please bring a yoga mat, notebook, and any questions about music

As Seen in: Wanderlust Festivals & Yoga Journal Conferences

Nirvana Breathing Fitness: Conscious Breathing – Moving Meditation with Will Zecco

A holistic approach to bring awareness into reality around the importance of the way we breath on and off the mat. The class is a fusion of Conscious Breathing connected to flow of functional toning efficient Yoga Pilates sequence leading you to slower deeper breathing. Mesmerizing chillout beat music accompanied by Tibetan bowl sound cues supported by binaural beats that directly influence your relax centers through a process of “Brain Entrainment.” Nirvana uses prolonged exhalation technique PLB Pursed Lip Breathing to deepen breathing, optimize oxygenation of the body and a deep sense of relaxtion through Conscious Breathing

Restorative Nidra with Laura Rankel

This class combines Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra. We’ll use blankets, blocks, and other props for supported and passive Restorative yoga postures, allowing the body to naturally release held tension and stress and calming the nervous system by activation the relaxation response. Then, we add Yoga Nidra. Literally translated as “yogic sleep,” this guided meditation is performed while reclined (in savasana). Another deeply restorative practice, Yoga Nidra releases stored tensions, renews vital energy, and increases well-being of both body and mind. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Yoga Poetry with Samantha Lang

Explore Your Practice through Writing — In this session, yogi poet Samantha Lang will read a few selections from her book, Yoga Poetry, to set the tone for how writing can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the poses. Then, she’ll lead a hands-on writing workshop, guiding you to write a poem about your favorite posture. No prior writing experience necessary. The session will be fun and full of sharing and creative discovery.

Foot Fitness Party with Kat Myers

Come on a Healing Journey Blending acupressure to awaken and Harmonize your feet. Foot Fitness is a soothing practice blending Gentle Yoga, QiGong, Acupressure and specialized tools to nourish your bones and heal your feet with sacred sound to soothe your soul and the deepest relaxation of your life! Bring your Low Energy, Bunions, Hammer toes, Planter Fasciitis, Tired Feet , Low Energy, Fallen Arches, Weak knees, Stiff Ankles and anything else that is blocking your progress.

The Yoga of Lady Niguma: Transform Your Chakras; Transform Your World with Nicole Vigna

How do you set your practice on fire and transform your reality? By combining the outer methods of asana & pranayama with the inner methods of meditative concentration, the yogi can, over time, skillfully transform and conquer their kleshas (negative emotions which create all of our problems in life), by approaching their physical body, energy body and mind from not just one, but two directions. This combination of the two sets the tone for radical change both inside & out.

Open your chakras and transform your world through practicing this simple, fun, deeply meditative, chakra opening series designed 1000 years ago by the illustrious yogini, Lady Niguma. Allow the wisdom of Lady Niguma’s special four-step asana method to conquer negative emotions and open your heart wide to wisdom, compassion, love and joy!

Morning Meditation with Mark Salustro

Very much available to all practitioners: in this experience we will explore different levels of meditation and why each are important. Mark will start with a warm up practice of mind training and then proceeding to sitting with our personal beloved teacher. The reasons and benefits of each will be discussed. We will finish with a powerful healing meditation as taught by ancient Buddhist Masters. Please serve yourself by bringing whatever allows you to sit comfortably.

Gain insights to you, your emotions and your unique energy with Herman Petrick

Have you ever thought about waxing your car before you clean it? Have you ever tried to improve your life through healing without clearing your energy body? Our belief is that your car should be cleaned before it’s waxed and your energy body should be cleared before it’s healed. Join us to learn about the energies that can attach to your body and how to remove them. You will also learn the basics of the Chakras and when balanced how they can protect us from these energy attachments.

SOUL TRAIN with Mary Clare Sweet

Sweaty, social, and soulful, this class is all about the flow. Mindful transitions with a stellar playlist featuring the best funk, soul and r & b. This class is everything you love about the vinyasa practice and the community that yogis create!

Flow Nidra with Johanna Epps

We’ll start the class moving and grooving with a flow and finish with a deep relaxation in Nidra, or yogic sleep. It’s the best of both worlds!

Third Eye Blindfold Readings with Donna Delahanty

This extrasensory skill of reading blindfolded is an experience like no other. Join Nithyananda Yoga & Meditation University (NYMU) for demonstrations and see this powerful practice in action.

Carve with Anna Bulow

Carve is a unique class that blends yoga and strength training. You will build cardiac, respiratory and muscular endurance. This class will build full-body strength and challenge you like you have never been challenged before.

Run to Your Mat! (Running for Yogis + Yoga for Runners) with Danielle Fazio & Abby Chan

Inhale, exhale, repeat. Running, a sport more similar to yoga than you may think, is a meditative practice in its own right that can enhance your yoga practice through strength, stability and endurance. Come join us as we head out for an easy, 20 minute all-levels fun run, followed by a dynamic yoga class aimed at helping runners develop greater flexibility, fitness, and mental focus. Let your breath sync up to your stride and take your yoga practice off the mat!

Yoga and Scientific Research with Mari Chen

Join Mari Chen for an informative workshop on the scientific benefits of Yoga.